Buy THC CONCENTRATES online.Marijuana concentrates are exactly what the name suggests (“concentrated” cannabis products). From weed oil to shatter, at BMWO we stock one of the most diverse and varied ranges of cannabis concentrates in the market. buy cannabis concentrates online.Buy THC CONCENTRATES online

These are products that have been extracted from the cannabis plant material and are a highly concentrated and potent form of marijuana. To be more specific, when the cannabis plant undergoes the extraction process, only cannabinoids like THC and CBD, and terpenes remain.

All marijuana concentrate products are highly potent in either one or all of these, and as such are favored by consumers for the ultimate, powerful punch they pack.

If you’re looking to enter the world of the most powerful doses of marijuana you have ever experienced, you have come to the right place! From dabs, oils and shatter to live resin and hash, at BMWO we stock it all!

Just like there are many different kinds of marijuana flowers, there are multiple kinds of concentrates you can enjoy. The most common kinds include:

Shatter: One of the purest forms of concentrated cannabis out there, shatter gets its name from it’s clear, glass-like consistency and its tendency to shatter into little pieces when broken apart. The best shatter will be smooth, amber, or clear in color and will resemble hard candy in its consistency. Depending on the strain, it can be sticky too. buy shatter thc, shatter dabs, how to smoke shatter.

Wax: Just like the name suggests, the wax is well, concentrated marijuana wax. Their consistency can range from being extremely gooey to candle wax-like, all the way to crumbly wax. Normally, waxes are yellowish in color and can be smoked out of a wax rig or vaporizer set-up. shatter wax for sale.

Rosin: Rosin (or Resin, without getting into the specifics) is made by simply applying heat and pressure to the plant material to extract the plant resin. This way, it contains many of the original smells and terpenes present in the plant.

Oil: One of the most common types of concentrates out there, oils have a thick, runny consistency. There are many different kinds of oils you can find such as THC, CBD, or straight weed oil, and they are most commonly used in vapes or edibles.

Hashish: The oldest form of concentrate, hash has been literally around forever. Different cultures have historically made hash from different methods, but at the end of the day, it is a compressed form of flower or cannabis resin and is much more potent than the flower. what is hashish, hashish weed for sale.

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